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Welcome! This electronic textbook is a student-contributed open-source text covering the materials used in the capstone process design courses taught by Prof. Fengqi You at Northwestern University.
If you have comments or suggestions regarding this open textbook, please contact Professor Fengqi You, who is currently at Cornell University.
Due to security measures, this site is restricted to invited registrations only.

Chemical Process Design Open Textbook

  Chemical Process Design Theory and Method

  Design Basis

  1. Define product and feed
  2. Preliminary market analysis and plant capacity
  3. Site condition and design
  4. Block flow diagram

  Process Flowsheet

  1. Process flow diagram
  2. Process alternatives and flowsheeting
  3. Reactors
  4. Separation processes
  5. Process hydraulics
  6. Heat transfer equipment: Heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, heaters and coolers
  7. Pinch analysis
  8. Utility systems
  9. Pressure vessels

  Process Simulation

  1. Property package
  2. Mixer and Splitter
  3. Separator
  4. Heat exchanger
  5. Column
  6. Reactor
  7. Pressure changer
  8. Solids-involved equipment

  Process Economics

  1. Equipment sizing
  2. Estimation of capital
  3. Estimation of production cost and revenue
  4. Engineering economic analysis
  5. Sensitivity analysis and design optimization

  Other Process Design Considerations

  1. Materials of construction
  2. Process safety
  3. Process hazards
  4. Environmental concerns
  5. Process controls
  6. Process location and layout decisions

  Chemical Process Design Projects

  Design projects 2014

  Design projects 2015

  Design projects 2016


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